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According to our research, American Standard carries a great mid-grade line of Walk in Bathtubs.  Beware of Individual Dealers and do your research.

You'll find American Standard Walk in Tubs available at many different locations, whether it's online or at a brick and mortar location.

Their tubs are manufactured in China and shipped to the U.S. with the American Standard brand name (like many consumer items today).

What's your experience with the American Standard walk in tubs? Please share your reviews below...

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Customer Reviews   

# Pam 2016-09-16 13:54

I have been waiting over a month to be my tub serviced. The control panel has been flashing red and green for over a month. Each week I call the service department but I have had no contact from the service man. I have left messages and talked to numerous customer service people. This tub was very expensive to only realize it is nothing special and to get such poor and service only continues to provide consist disappointment in this product and this company. procedures
# Carmen Nunn 2016-08-14 23:38
There are different qualities of everything and anything.
The top of the line walk in by American Standard is made in Texas not in dog/cat torture, eating China!
It's a spa at home whether young or old.Wonderful.
# Justine Soro 2016-06-21 02:48
Our Liberation was installed 5/15/2016. We have problem with jets in front - the two behind the door (when open) do not work. Some water sorta pours out but without force like other jets. We believe there may be a slight leak due to water spot in ceiling below tub. This was reported about a week after installation, left message, but no one ever returned the call. The installers had terrible time installing because of lack of info from salesman. They had to run PVC line on outside wall for power. Not very good judgment was used in that phase. More due to lack of info from salesman than ability of installers. They were not aware it was to be installed upstairs, which stairs have a stair lift. Track had to be moved, tub carried over that. They almost dropped tub, which due to weight would have killed at least of one of the young men. Also, would have caused major damage to ou home. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.
# larry 2016-06-04 00:09
in my post I do not blame the installer he was great. Even gave me info for when I received to call to figure out things. Only issue is the misleading sales rep and no call back to straighten this out and work things through.
# larry 2016-06-02 13:24
my liberation walk in tub install didn't happen. prior to tearing apart my bathroom and discussing way to install with their rep (Which was a great guy) I asked to go sit in the tub before destroying my bathroom to ensure the tub was as described during the sales rep presentation in my house. Was told I would fit great I the tub. I am 5' 10" and 240. Well I sat in the tub and basically my elbows were barely below the top line of the tub. My wife 5' 2" would fit. In the videos it shows person laying down and basically in all the water submerged. Not a chance. Would have to be 10-12" taller for me to get in the water and relax. I stressed at the presentation I wanted a tub to sit in and soak to alleviate my DJD, fibromialjya, and arthritis. I called liberation and they said I could get a taller tub that was 10" taller. No way as I would need to take out my window and do major structural modification on my house to install. They then asked if i wanted a regional manager to call and i stated yes. This was almost 2 weeks ago now. Also, installer was not told i had 2 toilets to be installed and he only had one not his fault as he was not informed. Very disappointed as I was excited to get to soak in a nice warm tub that wouldn't cool off in 5 minutes.
# har williams 2016-06-04 16:04
The Liberation Tub by American Standard is NOT made in China like Gather bid states. These tubs are made in Texas. I have been to the plant and watched the making of the tubs from start to finished. I was impressed with the quality of the tub as well as the employies making them. This tub can't be found in a brick and mortar stove as stated. They are sold only by trained company reps who are not dealers
I am 6 foot and weight is about 310. I fit in their normal 30 x51 inch tub without a problem. They do have larger tubs for taller people. Not sure where your problem could have been. Many other tubs are only 26" wide.
# larry 2016-06-09 00:40
my problem was I stressed to sales rep that I wanted to sit and soak like in the video I was shown with person sitting down with head resting on back of tub and submerged in the water as it ran. I made this point over and over and that was the expectation with the Liberation tub. Was told I could do that with the tub. show up and too small so I refused install
# Jim Rehaume 2016-02-04 20:54
The walk in tub that we are looking at is a 30" x 50" Premium Acrylic Combo 3051.D1A.C Liberation American Standard Walk in tub. I want to know if this model is made 100% in America in Texas as they state, or is made in China? I need to know ASAP. Jim
# chazz york 2016-04-28 18:58
Yes this tub is made 100% in America, I have personally seen these tubs made at the factory...
Very nice tub indeed.
# larry 2016-04-20 00:43
did u get installed and how does it work? I am looking at getting a liberation with the same model number as yours.

Made in China or Texas? You ever find out?
# har williams 2016-06-04 16:07
Liberation Tub: 100 % American Made. I went through their factory and watched the tubs being made, tested and checked out. Happy employees that do their work well.
# Tom Harris 2016-03-02 03:53
I worked for them, I toured the factory in Texas, I watched being made... 100% made in America.
If I recall it takes about 23 man hours where most spend less than 10 from China. It's a good product.
# Frank fore 2016-06-04 16:23
I've also worked for them. Talk about a headache. Salesman understate the install process. Customers never know what they are really getting into. And then there are the service issues. Oh my gosh these tubs have issues.

And an fyi.... the company is awful at paying their installers, so customers beware, you may find your property liened as our only means of leverage to get paid.

Not a recommended product or company. Fyi, liberation is really not the same American Standard you know. It's a cut throat subsidiary.
# Jim Rehaume 2016-02-04 20:48
We are looking at a Liberation American Standard walk in tub, 30x51" Premium Acrlyic Combo 3051.D1A.C, and want to knowif itis American made as they state, or made in China?
# larry 2016-04-20 00:37
did you ever find out if made in usa or china? Looking at getting liveration for wife and i.
# L Hughes 2016-01-19 20:35
The finish on the floor of the walk-in tub (for which I paid dearly) started to flake off the week after it was installed, early in 2013. Since then, despite the "fix" recommended to my contractor, the finish continues to flake off, to the point that taking a bath is out of the question. (Too many paint flakes.) My contractor has been given nothing but the run-around. Most recently he was told to look in the Yellow Pages for someone to refinish the thing.... In addition to the nasty finish on the floor, finish flaked off the handle, and the handle itself malfunctioned. And the bulbs are failing in the chromatherapy light, used fewer than a dozen times. This company should change its name to American Substandard.
# larry 2016-04-20 00:39
was your tub the liberation? Did you get from lowes or home depot?
# Alicia Murphy 2016-01-09 07:08
It must have been designed and tested with no one in the tub. When) you put the air and jets on (after filling the water just above the top jets), while sitting or laying (that's a joke. a midget maybe can lay in it ) the water splashes out of the tub. the sides of the tub needs to be higher. Oh! I forgot to say, the jets on the left side of our tub don't work either. The toilet runs when it wants to all day and night. I've called the company more then once and they claim the manager will call back. My last call was over 6 months ago and my phone hasn't rung yet.
They got our $12,000 now they don't know our number
# zeke King 2015-08-21 00:38
I just purchased a walk-in tub from American Standard direct. Liberation tub. Based on my background as a researcher at a major university I did extensive digging to find the best. American Standard makes over 180 tubs and sells them thru all types of retailers; Lowes, Plumbing wholesalers, etc. I found The Liberation Tub offered by American Standard direct from their factory. My wife and I liked that. They make it, they install it and they guarantee it for my lifetime. It's a great unit. We would recommend.
# larry 2016-04-20 00:40
Did your research find out where the Liberation Tubs are manufactured, assembled and such?
# Norma Acayan 2015-09-25 14:38
When did you have installed? Are you satisfied overall with the Liberation tub? I was told it was made and licensed brand of Safety Tubs Co., LLC. in Texas. Other comments said it was made in China. Who should I believe?
# har williams 2016-06-04 16:15
The Liberation Tub is made near Dallas Tx. I have watched them be made and tested. Very impressed with what I saw. You can not purchase this tub from any store. This tub is the ultimate tube on the market that other tub companies can not compete with the sells that are by qualified company sales people. NO sub contractors or distributors handle this one.
# Larry 2016-04-20 00:31
did you get a final word on where made / manufactured / assembled?

I just boughtand more I look I get more and more uneasy. Told liberation is different than models in Lowes Home depot.

Anyone verify this yet?

Are the Liberation Tubs (Safety Tubs) made in china or Fiully USA?
# Robert Urick 2015-04-10 13:29
How dare they buy cheaply China labor and bring these to America as their product they start the cheapest soaker Tub at $5,000.00 plus, average is $8,000.00 and the rapist installers want to put at least that much in their pocket!!!
# Robert Urick 2015-04-10 13:25
I snagged up an American Standard Walk in Bath from LOWES it was a display model and may have saved me thousands $$ The problem is these prima donna installers....t hey refuse to look at or read the Manufacturers instructions, let alone follow them!

I hired an alleged professional that installs walk in tubs for Bath Fitter. I was very clear about exactly what I wanted him to do. I had the Manufacturer's instructions and when he refused to read them I recited to him what they said about the REQUIRED pre-testing the tub by filling it outside of the home (his shop or the driveway of my home and he poo-pooped it as un-necessary) He also scoffed at the warning instructing the importance of the installer to do this to test and insure the drain is fully sealed properly. He was slapping it together and pushing it into place when he discovered he did not go through the drain assembly properly and I had the Drain Manufacturer's instructions that he also refused to take under any consideration.. ....He was contracted to replace the bathroom flooring, open up the doorway Install the tub and re-frame the doorway to re-hang the bathroom door that was a Quality solid wood 6 panel door. He did it all his way gave in on only 2 things did a sloppy job, didn't complete it and tried to slap in a pre-fab shit hollow core door. I should have refused to pay him for the garbage he delivered and his self centered attitude. He kept trying to jack the job and the cost to a higher level and did end up charging me more than the estimate although he did not complete the contracted work and did leave a horrible excuse of fouled up work behind!
# Frank fore 2016-06-03 14:48
Typical customer beating up the installer, probably looking over their shoulder the whole time they are working. How can you expect anyone to get anything done when your micromanaging the whole process. Sit down, be quiet and let the guys do their job. If you want to nit pick, do it when they finsh. These tubs are not like your typical tub and often times untraditional techniques, processes and even materials are used to give you a satisfactory and we'll functioning final product. The manual is written in an office and does not account for real life field practices and obstacles. It is very irritating when the know all customer starts slamming the installer based on an install manual and zero field experience.
# Wendy Bronson 2014-07-12 22:24
Our tub leaks all over our floor & walls. Water pools in where the grout is and pours over the side like a gutter. It's a huge safety hazard. The aroma therapy doesn't work. We were told we could add scented oil or salts. The shower curtain is too long & you have to cut it. No short curtain is available. We were told that they were "going to make one" but decided not to. At first they didn't even have the right bracket to hold the shower head. I ended up getting hit in the head with it while showering. I can't wait to get it out of my home. It's hard to get a prompt response as well. I would not refer this to anyone. I would rather go use my friend's jacuzzi.
# Robert Urick 2015-04-10 13:51
This is why the instructions state for the installer to insure that all the levelers and the tub be set level this requires long levels to be crossed checked over the tub top in both directions and even a center bubble level to insure the tub is stable (no rocking) and that this quality of level be as it is in it's final location...whic h again my professional left two of the rear levelers un-adjusted as he sought to do a rush job on the last day of his 3 day spec. however, had he prepared as I offered the manufacturer's papers and even told him what they said herein' he easily could have completed it in the 3 day quote...He kept running out for this and that when he should've and could've been prepared....Sel f centered Asses do this all the time I only wanted him to install it right....I can't say giving up and letting them fleece you for $18,000.00 will get you any better install since his answer when he would answer is we don't need or do that!
# John 2014-07-14 22:12
My question is who did you buy you walk in tub from?
We are looking at a tub from Liberation by American Standard, and they are installing and warrantee the tub for lifetime parts and labor.

# Norma Acayan 2015-09-25 14:30
Are you satisfied with your Liberation by American Standard?
# Norma Acayan 2015-09-25 14:24
We just signed a contract for Liberation by American Standard. How satisfied are you with your tub? We have until today to cancel.
# Robert Urick 2015-04-10 13:58
John the door seal is lifetime the parts is 5 years the cost of removal or re-install is not covered. However, if they foul up the install or do it poorly you will pay but if American Standard like Premier Care does the install they may cover more of a re-do cost
# John Taylor 2012-06-17 01:42
My wife and I looked for a walk in tub that matched our specific needs for several months. Finally we decided to get an American Standard tub because of the longstanding record of good quality products. Little did I know that American Standard wasn't actually American Made anymore. This was quite a disappointment to my wife and I both.

After receiving the tub (it was shipped to us) and analyzing it for damages during transit, we noticed the origin tag. We really didn't want an imported tub and if the person at Home Depot would have told us this, we wouldn't have spent our money on a tub like that.

Overall, the tub is nice, but not exactly what we wanted. We definitely feel like we overpaid for the quality though.
# Judith 2012-06-12 02:56
Just finished shopping at the Home Depot and found that the American Standard Walk in tub didn't quite match our needs. The person that helped us didn't know much about the American Standard tubs and pretty much just left us to make our own decision. It was pretty disappointing to see that customer service has really taken such a turn for the worse. Never did she ask if we had any questions, just asked if we wanted to order one and didn't make any attempt to answer the questions we did have about the one we were slightly interested in. We're now considering calling a tub company to come out and show us what they have to offer instead.
# har williams 2016-06-04 16:19
Contact American Family and get a rep. to come to your home and discuss the Liberation Tube. This tub will do what you are looking for. The people selling tubs in the big stores have no knowledge that can be helpful.
# Clay H. 2012-09-21 19:56
Try the company out in Tennessee - Safe Bathing Solutions. www.SBSTubs.com. Very informative!