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Comfort Walk in Tubs Direct | California

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7210 Jordan Avenue Suite B20

Canoga Park, CA 91303

Phone: (888) 399-1211

Principal: Joseph Zetz (Owner)

Type of Business: Retailer (Dealer)

BBB Accredited: Yes (Since 8/04/2010)

Website: ComfortWalkinTubs.com

Products Carried

Comfort Walk-in BathtubsWalk-in Bathtubs - Comfort Walk-in Tubs carries a full line of walk-in bathtubs with various features and sizes. The average person would be overwhelmed by the supply that this company carries. However, you may find it very easy to locate the exact walk-in bathtub to meet your specifications.


Walk-in ShowersWalk-in Showers - Comfort Walk-in Tubs doesn't just carry walk-in bathtubs, but also a wide range of accessible showers as well. With at least 7 different walk-in shower configurations, you'll be able to find something that suits your needs.


Service Areas

Comfort Walk-in Tubs serves customers across the country. They utilize a "Partner Program" to advance their sales reach to many states throughout the U.S. The "Salesperson" showing up to your home may be nothing more than an appliance repairman, but that may not always be a bad thing.


BBB Accredited Business | California State License Bonding and Insurance

Latest Reviews

Comfort Walk in Tubs is an import company that will have the tub drop shipped to your door.  In their manual, you'll find that your walk in tub will arrive in a crate and you are responsible for determining damages and refusing the shipment if anything is out of the ordinary.  These are the same tubs as Ellas Bubbles...



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