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According to our research, Comfort Walk in Tubs is a Chinese Walk in Tubs supplier with a seemingly good track record.

Comfort Walk in Tubs is a California based operation with a Better Business Bureau Accredidation. Although the company was only started back in 2009, there have been no significant complaints filed.

The tubs that they sell are a Chinese made product (as most are), and some seem to be identical to the walk in tubs that Ellas Bubbles sells. Although they have a much wider selection than just one brand/supplier.

This company will drop ship the tubs to your door and seems to help arrange installation in your area.  Make sure the installer is a licensed plumber and contractor in your location.

Unlike many other tub companies, Comfort Walk in Tubs will shows special prices or promos on select products.  They also offer Free Shipping on select purchases.

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Customer Reviews   

# Meredith 2012-08-31 01:07
My kids found Comfort Walk in Bathtubs online and recommended that I purchase one.

Two Cents...
The Step is too high, although not as high as my previous bathtub.
Not as quality of a finish as what I was expecting
Fixtures are very cheaply made

However, the jets do feel nice and it is a safer alternative to the 16in tall tub that I was getting into before.

58yrs old and suffer from severe arthritis



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