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2101 South Carpenter Street  

Chicago, IL 60608

-aka- Ellas Luxury Baths

Phone: (312) 929-3057

Principal: Laimonis Magone (CEO)

Type of Business: Manufacturer (Brand)

BBB Accredited:NoWarning - Not BBB Accredited

Website: www.ellasbubbles.com

Products Carried

Ellas Bubbles Walk-in TubsWalk-in Bathtubs - Ellas Bubbles carries an extensive line of walk-in bathtubs to choose from. You'll find walk-in bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass, depending on your specific needs. Whether you need a small walk-in tub or an oversized walk-in bathtub, you'll find something to suit your unique situation.


Ellas Bubbles Walk-in ShowersWalk-in Showers - Ellas Bubbles also carries a line of accessible walk-in showers to suit their customers needs. You'll find a good quality shower for the money, depending on the reseller you're working with.


Service Areas

Because Ellas Bubbles is not a retailer, dealer coverage may be sparse in your specific area. Your best bet is to visit the Ellas Bubbles website to find a dealer near you, or simply get a Free Estimate from Walk-in Tub Reviews and let us match you up with the closest Ellas Bubbles Dealer.


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Ella's Bubbles or Ella's Luxury Baths do not sell directly to the public.  Ella's will only sell to registered dealers in their network.  So, be sure to check out the average prices for an Ella's tub before you purchase one of these from an Ella's Dealer.  Make sure you're getting the best price.

  • Ellas Bubbles Walk in Tubs | Reviews and Complaints

    • George Wideman
      Install a tankless GAS or electric water. Will solve your problem. It provides endless hot water.


    • Joseph L Groulx
      please send me info and nearest dealer to me.


    • Kate Chambers
      Have Ella tub for about a year. Can't use. Hot water only fills to knees. Put in new larger hot water ...


    • Kate
      Have ella walk in tub for about a yr. Can't use. Hot water only fills tub to knees. Put in larger hot ...


    • Richard
      Could not have asked for better Product. Installers did a great job they could have used a picture ...




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