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According to our research, Independent Home carries a great line of Walk in Bathtubs.  

After searching competitors products, you'll probably find that Independent Home and Premier seem to have quite a bit in common. Both of which have tubs that are manufactured in the U.K.

As far as pricing, they are comparable to many other top cotenders like Safe Step Walk in Tub Co and Premier Care in Bathing.  Also offering a Lifetime Warranty.

What's your experience with the Independent Home Walk in Tubs? Please share your reviews below...

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Customer Reviews   

# Larry Hatch 2016-10-23 16:23
Very pleased with the installation in Aug 2016. The installer did not have the shower curtain or rings in his truck. I've called the installetr who promised to deliver - still wainting end of October. Still waiting on the company to send the tax credit information after calling them. Nothing yet. It appears that after taking your cash money, they disappear and don't want to communicate. Tub works fine so far.
# Patricia A. 2014-06-17 20:11
I love my tub. Installers were very professional, on time, etc. They had to open up the door frame because the tub as too large for it. They reframed and re-drywalled the doorway. Its been at least 5 years and we are still pleased. I had an issue with a part and they took care of it immediately.
# Bob L. 2012-09-18 14:32
I'm not sure where you've gotten your information on this company - Independent Home tubs in New York, but none of their tubs come from the U.S. or the U.K. - they're all from China. We spoke directly to the New York office and we're told that they made tubs in NY and in North Carolina. As we continued our search, we actually found two companies that were 'dealers' for that Independent Home company, and both admitted that they brought in tubs from China.
Too many inconsistencies with this company, and it made us very nervous that they claimed to build tubs in the U.S., yet buy their walk in tubs from china. We used a local contractor who bought and American made tub from Boca manufacturing. We are very happy with the product, and were even able to pick a faucet to match the existing faucets in our bathroom.



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