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Customer Reviews   

# Dennis Bossi 2015-02-23 06:23
Poor quality for the price. Outdated fixtures. very limited functions for the price. very poor fit on some of the components.
Definitely not worth even 1/4 the price.
# bill 2014-02-13 15:27
when in the hell are you idiots going to stop sending your rotten emails and if this ahole works for you get rid of it" " do not any damn more of this crap
# Roland Cox 2013-06-29 04:43
We have ordered a Premier Bath set-up but we have heard nothing. We have made two payments. We would like to talk to someone to find out what the hold up is. Thank you we look forward to working with you. Please call or e-mail us.

Thank You
Roland and Karen Cox
# Tom Harriman 2012-06-26 02:46
Agree with you there Julie! Yes, they're expensive! However, they are exactly what they say they are! Great quality.

My mother hadn't taken an actual bath for years and my Father used to help her get in the shower to get cleaned up. He's since passed and my sisters and I didn't feel safe with her taking a shower without anyone there. She didn't want anyone of us helping, so we didn't see any other option, but to get a walk in bathtub or shower.

So we, like many others, called all of the companies we found advertisements for. It was a toss-up between Premier and Safe Step, but we landed on a Premier tub because they gave us a little better value for the money spent. We spent just under $*%#$%^ total for the tub we bought her, financed on an unsecured loan. My sisters and I are making the payments and it's the best money we've ever spent.

Knowing that she's safe everyday is the best feeling, but she's also enjoying her freedom for the first time in the greater of ten years.
# Second Year Customer 2012-07-11 23:10
Not so sure about the great quality you claim they have Tom... If you ask me, it sounds like you must work for Premier
Bought a Premier tub back about two years ago and are in the process of looking for a different tub. My kids told me that I'd been had once they found out what I'd paid for it... Figured, as long as it lasts it didn't really matter. That was the key, "as long as it lasts". About a month ago I started hearing a dripping sound when sitting in the tub and didn't think much of it. Started to notice that the tub was slowly draining about an inch every 5 to 10 minutes. Thought maybe it's the seal on the drain plug and started my inspection and found the seal to be in-tact. Had my kids over the other day and reluctantly told my son about the problem. He managed to get a good look at the drain and found that all around the drain has cracked, therefore causing the dripping sound. Called a plumber since it's out of warranty and now I'm facing the reality that it's nothing that can be permanently fixed. It was devastating to hear, but am now searching for a replacement tub and it won't be a premier tub.
# Sandy 2015-02-03 02:45
My parents gave a down pmt of $4000 tonight ... Now we see all the complaints and better business reports on premier. Is there a waiting period so they can cancel their ck in the morning and not be obligated to this company?
# Isabel 2014-05-20 14:33
Did you call the company to fix the problem? What was their response?
# Ryan H 2013-08-22 19:46
Hello 2nd Year Customer,
Have you found your replacement yet? Are you still looking for a quality walk-in tub? That experience sounds like all Premier wanted was your money and that they knew that their products were/are substandard. I honestly believe that these kind of tubs can have a dramatic effect in many eldery/disabled people's lives and having looked at many different tubs I have seen SO many companies that are looking to make MONEY and not HELP, which is what you were hoping for. I do work for FirstStreet the seniors catalog and would love to get you some information on our lifetime warranty tub. If you are interested in getting that information please reply. Thanks and I hope everything works out for you.
Thanks for your time and best wishes,
Ryan from FirstStreet
# tubman 2015-02-22 15:31
First street are crooks the worst product out there and taking your money is exactly all they do.
# Lennie Vizina 2013-07-03 18:51
We have found that water drips down the sides and onto the floor. Can't seem to find a fix for it. This tub was too expensive to have a potential water damage problem. Not too happy:((
# Julie 2012-06-15 02:37
just got our tub installed the other day and it's exactly what the rep said it would be! Actually it was installed in less time than we thought. We were told it would take a whole day and it only took about 6 hours to fully install. (we didn't need any additional work done)

I was disabled back in 2007 and haven't been able to take a bath since then, showers only. It's wonderful to be able to take a bath and feel human again. Finally able to relax and light some candles while enjoying a great bath without worrying about slipping on the way in or out.

Yes, it was expensive... we were very hesitant on the price, but had already had a few other companies out and the quality is what sold us. If you're considering a walk in tub, I fully recommend a Premier Walk in Bathtub.
# Frank Potter 2012-06-08 07:05
Although I have yet to call and set an appointment, this company seems to have the best overall reviews on the internet. Does anyone know the price of a Premier Walk in Tub? I don't want to pay on one forever, but don't want one of the cheaper counterparts.
# Tom 2014-09-09 20:48
Cost for all will be about 17K
# CJ 2013-04-05 18:51
You can figure about $15,000 to $20,000 (including installation).