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1650 Elm Hill Pike Ste 5

Nashville, TN 37210-3626

Phone: (615) 391-0001

President: Mr. Michael Duffer 

Type of Business: Manufacturer (Brand)

BBB Accredited:Yes

Website: SafeStepTub.com

Canada: SafeStepTubs.ca

Products Carried

Walk-in BathtubWalk-in Bathtubs - The Safe Step Tub is probably one of the most recognized tubs in the industry.  Most customers recognize this bathtub by its stylish design and not so "medical" look.

Walk-in ShowerWalk-in Showers - Safe Step has also recently added walk-in showers to their arsenal of bathroom safety products.  

Service Areas

Safe Step serves customers across the United States as well as Canada.  Not all Safe Step locations offer a showroom, however a quick call to Safe Step will tell you whether or not there's a showroom near you.


BBB Accredited Business |  Ease-of-Use Commendation | IAPMO Member | NAHB | NAIPC | NCOA

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The Safe Step Walk in Tub Company has a good one-up on everyone else, if you're looking for an American made tub.  Yes, the safe step tub appears to be the only tub legitimately made in the United States.  Although they've only been in a business a handful of years, they are a top contender in the sale of walk in tubs.

Safe Step Walk in Tub Co. | Reviews and Complaints

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